942c865f925a078e0f64e7074686404d3f6758fd TRAC TIRE ROTATION ASSISTANCE CART – SEMA360 Highlights
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Published on: Collision and Repair


The TRAC TIRE ROTATION ASSISTANCE CART is a 2019 SEMA award winning product. This cart carries the weight of a wheel/tire assembly so the technician does not have to. Simply roll the Cart under the wheel while the vehicle is on a lift then use the jack assembly to raise the Cart to support the weight of the wheel/tire. Remove the wheel lugs and roll out of the way. This tool is useful in the service industry for rotations, general service repair , and most of all KEEPING THE TECHNICIAN SAFE to reduce the WORKMANS COMP CASES against the shop. Work smarter not harder. Get yours at liftwithtrac.com.

  • TRAC - Tire Rotation Assistance Cart/Tire Jack

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