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Published on: Collision and Repair

Take a 360° Tour inside a Blowtherm Spray Booth

Take a 360°virtual tour inside an actual Blowtherm spray paint booth.  Click the image to get inside. Then click on the 360 VR View icon (lower left of your screen) and you’ll start your tour. As you maneuver through the paint booth, click on the circle+ signs to learn more about that particular part of the paint booth system. Get in depth critical information about Blowtherm’s:

– Direct fired burner
– Heat recovery system
– Ultra Air Speed ventilation
– Filters
– Control panel
– Frequency drive system
– Lighting
– Doors
– Parameter walls
– Storage box
– Basement

We appreciate the work that Blowtherm Corporate put into this virtual tour.  After review, please contact Blowtherm USA to get started on your next project.  Email: mmiller@blowtherm-usa. Visit www.blowtherm-usa.com or call direct 262-269-6265 or 855-463-9872. 

Blowtherm … the name you trust, the quality you deserve.

Let’s get this conversation started. Why settle for anything less?

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