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Published on: ADAS, Mobile Electronics & Technology

SUN Collision Repair Information Expands Content and Features

SUN Collision Repair Information, a brand of Snap-on Incorporated, has expanded its coverage and enhanced its features to make the software even more user friendly, including quick access to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) repair information.

“One of the most popular features in the software is the Driver Assist (ADAS) Quick Link button,” says Nicholas Blais, product manager for SUN Collision Repair Information. “This gives technicians immediate access to a table that consolidates all of the ADAS information for the vehicle in a single location. It gives the full picture of the ADAS features and components and techs can simply click to select the repair and calibration information they want.”

Since launching SUN Collision Repair Information at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in 2019, the software has seen significant growth in content and coverage, including the addition of 2020 model years. In the past year, several enhancements have been introduced, including:

  • Interactive Wiring Diagrams – Component names in the wiring diagrams in SUN Collision are active links that connect directly to complete component information. While viewing a wiring diagram, technicians can click on any component within the diagram to see a pop-up menu with selections to learn more about specifications, component location, connector views, guided component tests and more. There is no need to exit the wiring diagram to find related information they need to diagnose the issue.
  • Lift Points Quick Link – The ribbon appears on the front page of the 1Search Plus module in SUN Collision and provides instant access to the most frequently searched information in the software. Technicians can now link directly to information about lifting points, which can be critical to technician safety and care of the vehicle.

As vehicle technology advances, the line between collision and mechanical repair work is blurring. When a collision occurs, any damage to the body and frame is very likely to also damage sensors, cameras and other mechanical components that must be repaired and/or recalibrated to return the vehicle to safe operating condition.

“With SUN Collision, auto body shops can take advantage of complete repair information available in a single resource to help them be prepared to perform mechanical work in-house rather than outsourcing those repairs,” added Blais.

SUN Collision Repair Information offers collision repair facilities a comprehensive source of repair information that covers all types of repairs, both collision and mechanical, and includes complete OEM coverage and SureTrack® Real Fixes based on actual mechanical repair solutions that expert technicians have used to solve the same problem.  

Additional features in SUN Collision include:

  • Materials, body and frame, paint and finish
  • Repair information searchable by part number
  • User-friendly graphical layout
  • Mobile friendly
  • SUN / Snap-on Total Shop Solutions

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