942c865f925a078e0f64e7074686404d3f6758fd New Telescoping Cup Holder Mounts – SEMA360 Highlights
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Published on: ADAS, Mobile Electronics & Technology

New Telescoping Cup Holder Mounts

Scosche has taken cup holder mounts to the next level with the an all new patent pending design.  The multi-adjustable telescoping arm allows for a perfect viewing angle with amazing stability.  The cup holder mounts will be available in a non-charging universal head as well as wireless fast charging heads.

With today’s cars containing up to 18 cup holders, we are also releasing FrescheAir,  a no touch cup holder HEPA Air Purifier that purifies and deodorizes the air.  It’s elegant and practical design allows the USB powered accessory to purify areas up to 4 square meters of space in your home or office by plugging it into a USB port or home charger(not included).

  • Scosche Industries, Inc.

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