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Published on: Hot Rods

Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Detailer & Bead Booster

Mothers® Ultimate Hybrid™ Ceramic Detailer & Bead Booster is the effortless way back to that “just coated” super-hydrophobic, liquidy-gloss appearance! Featuring a balanced blend of advanced science and traditional car care, this formula seamlessly unites the trusted and time-tested natural protection of carnauba wax with the cutting-edge nano-quartz ceramic technology of today. Ultimate Hybrid™ Ceramic Detailer is a true instant detailer, effortlessly clearing away dust, fingerprints and smudges, while simultaneously enhancing the protective, hydrophobic beading characteristics of any finish. It can be used over your existing ceramic coating, sealant or wax, or even as a stand-alone bead booster on uncoated vehicles. Just spray on and wipe off, it’s that easy!

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