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Published on: Maintenance & Repair

Hunter Introduces a New AutoComp Elite® Lineup

Hunter is proud to announce a new AutoComp Elite® (ACE) family of on-car brake lathes.  The new  AutoComp Elite® Digi-Cal, Standard and Base lathes are built from the same powerful and robust lathe body, but deliver different feature sets and price points.

Hunter’s original AutoComp Elite® featured patented Anti-Chatter Technology (ACT) which eliminates the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed. All three new models still feature ACT, plus the same power, adjustable speed, quick compensation and precise cutting abilities of the current model.

The top-of-the-line model, AutoComp Elite® Digi-Cal, comes with Hunter’s Digi-Cal which instantly measures rotor thickness and depth cut. This thickness is compared to the vehicle specs. Digi-Cal models also come with an intuitive touchscreen interface to simplify lathe operation and provide on-board training videos plus adaptor and vehicle lookup.

The AutoComp Elite® standard model includes a touchscreen interface but without Digi-Cal. The Autocomp Elite® Basic is the most economical model, without a tablet or Digi-Cal.

Learn more about the AutoComp Elite®.

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