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Published on: Restyling & Car Care

HOZEEZ Car Washing and Detailing Tool Crushes the Competition

HOZEEZ car wash and detailing accessory is a premium product that allows you to wash, detail, and work on vehicles without the hose, extension cord, or air line getting stuck under the tires.  Its patented design helps it to be the best engineered, most effective, and most durable hose guide on the market.  See the video in our showcase where we drive over HOZEEZ with a 5000 pound SUV and it is still as good as new!  Try that with any competitive product!  We all know that sooner or later you will forget about the hose guides under the tires when driving away (I have done it myself).  No worries with HOZEEZ because it is almost impossible to damage it.

Happy customers have been so satisfied with HOZEEZ that several professional detailers have even made their own unsolicited videos showing how HOZEEZ makes their job so much easier that they have thrown away the competitive products they used to use!  You can find links to these videos on our website, https://bishopinnovations.com/


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