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Published on: Trucks, SUVs & Off-Road

Delta Tech Industries Horizon Light Bar – Bolt 600 for Jeep JL/JT

HORIZON LIGHT BAR – BOLT 600 for Jeep JL / JT Gladiator




Bolt-600 features integrated Horizon™ design, which delivers 48,000 raw lumens.  It’s seamless design features no-drilling easy installation, 3-phase switch, LED Halos and covers.  Made in USA.



The most powerful – 48,000 LM

The most energy efficient light bar – 229 Lumen per watt

The most cost-effective light bar – 2.2 cents per Lumen

Seamless, no visible wiring, 3-phase switch



Delta Lights was the original inventor and designer of the integrated light bar concept, first used on Hummer H2 in 2003 which was offered through General Motors.  This concept was extended to Jeep Wrangler, known under the name of Sky-bar™.  Today Delta Lights offer five distinct models of            Horizon™: Bolt 500, Bolt 600. Bullet and Tubular, all made in USA.

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