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Delta Tech Industries – DELTA LED Quad-Bar Headlights

DELTA LED Quad-Bar Headlights

2018 / 2020 JEEP Wrangler and Gladiator JL/JT HEADLIGHT UPGRADES



Delta Tech Industries, the American innovator in headlight technology announced their introduction of new generation of Headlights designed specifically for 2018 / 2020 Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator Series.

Delta has rolled out 3 models of legendary Quad-Bar Series equipped with precision DOT compliant glass prismatic optics, built-in LED light source, LED Blinker and protecting Quad-cross.

The LED light source, each producing 4,000 Lumen. Rated at 22,000 operating hours at near daylight visibility.  A Halo equipped version features a built-in COB LED halo to act as your DRL light while providing class and safety to your day and nighttime driving. 

For those extreme, jeepers who cross mud and rivers, Delta has developed a military option. Hermetically Sealed with a tight-silicone screw-on cap and air-breathing valve.  Also features a “Defrosting Element”. It is activated like a thermostat as a lens warmer once the outside temperature drops below freezing to prevent frost from developing on the lenses. The same thermal switch will turn off the element once the temperature goes back up.


For more information please follow factory’s website: www.deltalights.com

Delta Tech Industries, Ontario, California, USA

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