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Published on: Collision and Repair

Blowtherm – What makes our Spray Booths Different

Take a look inside this .pdf that explains the history of the most revered industry leading spray booth systems, paint mix rooms, preparation stations and other products manufactured by Blowtherm – distributed solely by BLOWTHERM USA.  Our history spans over 63 years, with paint booths in the field that are running over three (3) decades after purchase.  This brochure details the factory precision manufacturing practices, specific key features on spray booths that are, in some cases, only found on our brand.  Download or review the information today. Then call us to start a conversation about your next spray booth purchase.  Let us give you the education and information you need to make an informed decision that could last the rest of your lifetime.  Email: mmiller@blowtherm-usa.com or call our Blowtherm USA VP direct at 262-269-6265 to start the process. Chat soon.

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