942c865f925a078e0f64e7074686404d3f6758fd Blowtherm Spray Booth INSIDE TOUR – SEMA360 Highlights
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Published on: Collision and Repair

Blowtherm Spray Booth INSIDE TOUR

Blowtherm USA will feature the “WORLD” series of advanced technology, energy efficient, quality proven spray booths. The WORLD “S” is currently SEMA360 priced at $46,525 for a limited time. What comes “standard” on a Blowtherm is usually an “add-on” for other spray booths.  Blowtherm’s booths designs incorporate glass wall panel; glass vehicle entry/exit doors; LED lighting; zoned air speed. Why settle for anything less?  Learn more at www.blowtherm-usa.com then CALL us at 262-269-6265.  ASK about our SEMA360 show special.


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