942c865f925a078e0f64e7074686404d3f6758fd AlphaRex® NOVA-Series L.E.D 3D Ice Cube Projector Headlights – SEMA360 Highlights
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Published on: Diesel

AlphaRex® NOVA-Series L.E.D 3D Ice Cube Projector Headlights

AlphaRex® is proud to introduce our revolutionary PATENTED full L.E.D HEADLIGHT technology. Our NOVA-Series L.E.D headlights mark the debut of our distinctive brand. Our 3D Ice Cube projector is the core of our exclusive design. Each projector is equipped with Osram Oslon® Black Flat L.E.D chips providing maximum light output, both in illumination and projection. Available in Black, Chrome and Alpha-Black™ (Chrome-Delete) Housing >Lens material: Polycarbonate (PC) >Housing material: Polypropylene (PP) >Exterior Lens Coating: UV Cured Coating >Interior Lens Coating: Water-Sheeting Anti-Fog Coating- Applied to the Interior Surface of Polycarbonate Lenses sealed w/Anti-Fogging with No Water Streaking >Wide Application Process with Heat Resistant Properties >We use the latest innovative air vent technology to prevent condensation with Nitto Denko TEMISH® CAPSEAL™. >D.O.T COMPLAINT >Backed by a TWO Year Warranty

AlphaRex® is UNRIVALLED Lighting!!

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