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Published on: Restyling & Car Care

The World’s First Colored Paint Protection Films

Rethink color. Paint-free.

At STEK, we’ve always embraced innovation and forward movement. When times change, we adapt—and now, more than ever, we need to rethink protection and customization through the lens of environmental and social responsibility. That’s why we’ve created the STEK colored paint protection films. A revolutionary response to traditional paint, our films are a triumph of engineering. 


They’re environmentally friendly. They offer robust protection against damage for years at a time. And they provide a deeper, longer-lasting aesthetic quality that no paint application could ever match.


Zero paint. Greener than ever.

No primer. No overspray. No clear coat. Without any harsh chemicals or fumes, STEK paint protection films transform your ride with a single layer of beautiful, functional color. What’s more, applications are reversible at any time, making it easy to upgrade your style without ever touching a spray bottle. Because our films were designed to protect—both your car and the environment we all share.


Enduring Protection

STEK paint protection films are made to last. Resistant to stains, chemicals, and contamination, they withstand the harshest conditions and damage with ease. Self-healing elastomeric polymers effectively eliminate swirl marks and scratches, while outstanding hydrophobic properties ensure that the color and design features of your vehicle are immaculately preserved. Simply put, STEK paint protection films protect—no matter where you are or where you go.


The Ideal Aesthetic

From gloss to matte, from pearl to pattern—we’ve got something for everyone. STEK paint protection films are unprecedented solutions in the field of automotive customization, with gorgeous, unique design options offered nowhere else. Flexible and applicable to any vehicle, our films provide a better-than-custom look that lasts for years to come. 


In order to transform your car, we’ve transformed our way of thinking. STEK paint protection films are the result of rigorous, extensive research and development, all in an effort to provide the greatest performance, sustainability, and style possible. With a single application, our films hold the power of beautiful, impactful change—making the STEK paint protection film the solution of the future.


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What if we told you that the best paint job didn’t have paint at all?

Enter the STEK colored paint protection film. Our premium TPU films are infused with brilliant, top-quality dyes, resulting in gorgeous color on top of the outstanding protective properties our products are known for. Requiring zero primers, oversprays, or clear coats, the STEK PPF is a revolutionary response to traditional paint—designed to protect both your car and the environment we all share.

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