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Published on: Collision and Repair

The Detail Guardz Release The Most Anticipated Car Care Tool Of The Year!

Two years ago we gave you an extremely powerful bucket filter to help prevent basically all swirl-marks and scratches during the wash process, called the “Dirt Lock”. It’s massive success worldwide prompted us to build the Dirt Lock pad washer attachment last year that went onto winning the SEMA global media awards. The Dirt Lock pad washer was quickly seen as an engineering marvel and has been adopted as the industry standard to clean polishing pads quickly, safely and affordably. Now this year, we bring to the table our latest Dirt Lock attachment, the “Scrub And Pump”. An extremely powerful and versatile car care tool that allows you to scrub and flush out any wash mitt, brush, clay mitt or other detailing tools, quickly and safely, so you simply do not bring the dirt back onto the car and scratch the surface of the paint. It works on a spring loaded system that pumps a heavy stream of cleaner water into your wash mitt or tools and sucks the debris safely underneath the filter in just one motion.

Dirt Lock Bucket Filter Video Demo – >

Dirt Lock Pad Washer Video Demo – >

Dirt Lock Scrub And Pump Video Demo – >

Lastly, we have become one of the largest face shield manufacturers in Canada, producing well over 1.3 Million shields! Our Canadian designed and made “Visiera” face shield (washable and reusable) is perfect for keeping the polish out of your eyes all the way to helping to keep you safe from foreign particles during the pandemic.

We look forward to chatting with you soon at our SEMA 360 booth!

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