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Published on: Services

T.V.K. Industries New Sensor System

T.V.K. Industries has developed a new sensor system for SURESHIFTER and SUREMATIC illuminated gear selection shift knobs and levers. The system receives the gear selection input signal from a Dakota Digital GSS-3000 sensor device. The signal is then transmitted to the SURESHIFTER/ SUREMATIC illuminated gear selection display in the shift knob or shift lever.

   A similar sensor device can now be retrofitted to multiple transfer case shifters for activating the RangeFindrPro LED illuminated gear selection shift knobs in Off-Road 4 wheel drive applications.

   A second new sensor design, in collaboration with HGM Electronics, will connect directly to the vehicle’s OBD plug for 4L60 transmissions in order to illuminate the LED gear indicators embedded in the shift knob or shift lever.  This system should be available later this fall or early spring 2021, depending on the unforeseen conditions we are all facing.

   There is now, also, an option for mounting the gear selection display in a remote location other than the shift knob, on the dashboard or in the A pillar gauge cluster, for example.

  • T.V.K. Industries, Inc.