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SEMA MANUFACTURER NEWS as of October 22, 2021

  • 1-800EveryRim OEM Wheels will offer qualifying companies a one-time, 10% discount valid through 2020 on any non-special order wheel(s). During SEMA360, the company will be featuring its RimText system (951-RimText / 951-746-8398) and online portal EveryRim.com.
  • Fluidampr will have tech support staff ready to share information about their products, along with downloadable catalogs and educational materials. They will also have best-of content and influencer contributions, including videos from industry-leading engine builders Gale Banks and Mike Kojima, and two “Learn @ Lunch with Fluidampr” presentations (Nov. 3, 12:00 pm, and Nov .5, 12:00pm).
  • SCANGRIP A/S is offering almost half off the regular price of its Nova-UV S, MiniMatch, and Multimatch R. They will also feature the UV-Gun, Scangrip’s newest UV curing lamp that helps speed up the curing process in the collision repair industry, and a new and improved design for its popular wheel stand.
  • Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. LLC will be holding live training and demonstrations of aluminum welding theory and techniques. They will also cover basic and advanced machine settings using the Multimatic 220 AC/DC and answer welding-related questions. Each of the following days at 11:00 am, PST: Nov. 3, 4 and 6.
  • TWN Industries will be offering free training ($2,000 value) and $1,500 off to SEMA360 attendees for its we manufacture films and paints that are used to turn boring plastic dashboards and interior trim into carbon fiber or realistic wood grain finishes.
  • Bolt On Technology will be waiving set up fees for purchases made during SEMA360. The company offers Digital Vehicle Inspection reports to new and used car dealer service centers, auto body shops, parts vendors, import car, truck, RV, motorcycle and marine repair specialists, fleet managers and other sectors of the automotive aftermarket. The reports give drivers the ability to see photos of their repairs and read technician recommendations on a mobile device.
  • Bishop Innovations – HOZEEZ will have a discount code available for download from its Showcase, which can be used on their website after SEMA360. The company offers HOZEEZ, which allows consumers to wash cars without the hose getting stuck under tires, and Merchandising Display to display HOZEEZ. On their Showcase, attendees will also see product videos, including one featuring a 5,000-lb SUV driving over the HOZEEZ.
  • Clean Supply Pro – Sanitizer and Multi-Surface will offer 35% off all products at TheCleanSupply.com/SEMA. The company offers hand sanitizer, sprays, and multisurface cleansers formulated with 80% ethyl alcohol and healthcare-grade ingredients to meet all WHO recommendations.
  • Intercomp Racing will be highlighting new products that make it possible to use a mobile device as a second wireless indicator via Bluetooth on all of its wireless scale systems. Other new products include a wireless load stick and billet scale pad levelers. Additionally, the company is featuring its line of valve spring testers, shock dynos and digital camber/caster gauges.
  • Illinios Lock Company (ILC) will be showcasing its Blue Origin, Electronic Rotary Latch Series, and Position Control Hinges, with product specialists available throughout the week.  Blue Origin is ILC’s latest product that allows access to the truck or cab of a vehicle via Bluetooth.
  • ALLDATA will offer 25% off its ALLDATA product bundles, as well as host live product demos and one-on-one interaction with account reps providing details on its OEM repair information software, diagnostics, and shop management solutions.
  • EMM Specialties/COLAD is launching the Colad UV Fast Curing System, an easy-to-use, lightweight system with a powerful UV light and a suite of associated products, such as body filler putties and PPE (gloves, goggles, etc). EMM will live-stream demos of the product from a booth that has been purpose-built for SEMA360 in an open studio space next to their offices.
  • 4WP Factory is introducing its new line of 4WP Factory Xtreme R/T tires, featuring a robust tread design and a three-ply sidewall intended to give the vehicle a rugged look while the firm side lugs protect from any sharp objects.
  • Challenger Lifts/Snap-on Total Shop Solution is showcasing its all-new VLE10 Versymmetric Car Lift. Featuring the popular economy-grade 10,000-lb. two-post lift, the VLE10 incorporates the Versymmetric Technology, which safely accommodates vehicles with either a symmetric or an asymmetric center of gravity using heavy-duty columns and arms.
  • Eagle Abrasives is promoting new Tolecut products, and new starter kits that make it easy to test-drive Eagle’s total dry hi-tech sanding system from sandpaper to interface pads. The company is offering a free box of Hi-Tech Sanding Discs to those who purchase a Proma-X Sander from any jobber, and offering additional giveaways through its Instagram account.
  • XCLUTCH is showcasing its new 9.5-in. single-disc performance street and motorsport upgrades to suit VW Golf GTI MK-5, 6 and 7. The kits are designed and engineered to offer the ultimate balance between performance and drivability, and have been designed around XClutch’s race-inspired alloy pressure plate that offers low pedal effort, increased clamping force and low rotational inertia. Also on display will be a range of 9.0-in. twin-disc upgrades for even higher torque capacity.
  • Morimoto Lighting is featuring LED headlights for the ’09–’20 Nissan Frontier, updated LED headlights for the ’18–’20 Ford F-150, LED taillights for the ’10–’14 Ford Mustang and LED headlights for the ’20-plus Ford F-250/F-350/F-450 Super Duty.
  • Intellitronix is featuring four new products: Ford Truck Super Duty ’11–’16 F-250, F-350 Off-Road Lights FSL001, Chevy Truck ’67–’72 Analog Gauge Panel AP6003, 6-Gauge Analog Universal Color Needles AP30002, and the 6-Gauge Analog Universal 3D Panel AP10002.
  • Vortech Superchargers is introducing a new system for the ’20 Ford Mustang GT. Utilizing the venerable V-3 JT-Trim supercharger and an air-to-air charge cooler, the complete system can boost a stock 5.0 GT to 692HP and 584 LB/FT Torque with 7.5 to 8.5 PSI using CA 91 Octane fuel. They will also feature its supercharging system for the Dodge Hemi and its Big Block Chevy V-30 Bracket.
  • Pareto Point Industries is offering special low prices for its TopDog-V Parallel-Flow Advanced Oil Filtration System, as well as adding a second premium advanced filter and six magnets with caps for additional capture of ferrous debris. The filtration system offers enthusiasts, off-roaders, racers and working vehicle owners/operators improved engine performance, increased mileage and provides environmental benefits.
  • T.V.K. Industries Inc. is featuring the new sensor system for SURESHIFTER and SUREMATIC illuminated gear selection shift knobs and levers. The system receives the gear selection input signal from a Dakota Digital GSS-3000 sensor device, which is then transmitted to the SURESHIFTER/SUREMATIC illuminated gear selection display in the shift knob or shift lever. A similar sensor device can now be retrofitted to multiple transfer case shifters for activating the RangeFindrPro LED illuminated gear selection shift knobs in off-road 4WD applications.
  • Metra Electronics Corporation is offering new dash kits for the ’16–’20 Mazda CX-3 and the ’19–’20 Toyota Yaris. The kits fit radios with an “L”-shaped chassis design with the radio chassis at the bottom of the screen, like the Alpine iLX-207. The kit is also compatible with Pioneer’s 6.8-in. modular radios and has special brackets included for installation of the Pioneer DMH-C2550NEX and MNH-C2500NEX touchscreen in-dash receivers.
  • ORACLE Lighting will be showcasing new lighting products for the 2020 Chevy Camaro and for the 2019-2020 Chevy Silverado. Both the 2020 Chevy Camaro SS/RS Oracle Colorshift RGB+A Headlight DRL Upgrade and the 2019-2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 Oracle Colorshift RGB+W Headlight DRL Upgrade can make hundreds of different colors and dozens of patterns.
  • Redline Detection is introducing SpeedSmoke, a diagnostic leak detector designed to address the proliferation of boosted vehicles in the aftermarket. SpeedSmoke can pinpoint faults in naturally aspirated engines as well as pinpoint high pressure turbo, diesel, supercharged, boost leaks, with 100 percent reliability in just minutes.
  • Sharpline Converting Inc. will be offering special discounted pricing on its latest products to buyers during SEMA360. The company manufactures roll striping, graphics, paint protection film, and chemical protection products to every segment of the automotive industry.
  • Curt Group will be showcasing it newly introduced New Product Spotlight Page. With many new and unique products in store for the coming year, the New Product Spotlight Page will be the first to reveal CURT’s new products and include photos, videos, key features for each product, custom vehicle builds, as well as downloadable key-feature fliers.
  • Diode Dynamics will have its new SSC2 2” LED Pod, featuring high output intensity and designed for maximum functionality, with custom-engineered TIR optics shining in highly useful beam patterns. With four standard backlight options, these pods are a powerful light option that can be mounted virtually anywhere on a vehicle, including spots where LED Light Bars are not an option.
  • Supreme Suspensions is featuring its new 1.6” Ratchet Tie-Down Strap Kit. Made from professional-grade, high-tensile polyester with triple-stitched webbing, the Ratchet Tie-Down Strap Kit features a 1,460 lbs. Safe Working Load and a 4,400 lbs. Max Breaking Strength. Easy-to-use ‘S’ hooks constructed of ASTM equivalent 1045 structural steel help to resist deformation and deflection under heavy loads. They are also stratch-resistant, waterproof, and UV-protected.
  • AEM Performance Electronics will be featuring its new VCU300, along with other new EV products, during SEMA360. The VCU300 is used on both the Ford Performance CobraJet1400 (the Fastest door slammer drag EV in the world), and the Huff Motorsports EV Dragter (the first EV dragster to eclipse 200 MPH in the quarter mile.
  • BlueDevil Products is showcasing its BlueDevil Gasket Sealer and its BlueDevil Radiator Flush. The gasket sealer will repair and seal leaks in blown head gaskets, warped or cracked heads, heater cores, and freeze plugs. The radiator flush restores efficiency to vehicles by helping remove grease, rust, grime or any other build up that occurs during normal vehicle use.
  • TRAK Machine Tools will feature its new Toolroom Machining Center and demonstrate how easy it is to transition from manual work like machining a prototype or test piece in Toolroom Ops, to full production machining in Production Ops. It’s a full feature 3-axis machining center when you need to run low volume production, and with the flip of a switch will work like its popular TRAK DPM.
  • Bully Dog & SCT Performance will be offering SEMA360 specials and giving away $50,000 in tuners as part of its Great Tuner Giveaway. Staff will be showcasing the SCT Livewire Vision Performance Monitor, and sharing information about the new vehicle coverage added to the SCT X4 Performance Programmer and the Bully Dog GT.

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