942c865f925a078e0f64e7074686404d3f6758fd Rim Protectors, Nano Ceramic Rim Coating, 3D Rubber Tire Lettering & Logo Kits, OBDII Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics System by KORE DESIGNS INC. – SEMA360 Highlights
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Rim Protectors, Nano Ceramic Rim Coating, 3D Rubber Tire Lettering & Logo Kits, OBDII Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics System by KORE DESIGNS INC.

Rim Protector Products by Kore Designs Inc.

Rim Protector (by Kore Designs Inc.) is a Canadian manufacturer known for developing new and innovative automotive accessories. We’ve been passionate about cars and accessories for more than two decades.

During SEMA 2020, our focus is to connect with new distributors and retailers (both stocking and non-stocking)and share with them our three most generous profit-making programs.

1. Rim Protectors

Our Rim Protectors are manufactured with high quality 3M™ and Dupont™ materials. No wonder they are currently the category leader on Amazon.com and .ca.! – PLUS – They come with an unbeatable 5-Year FREE Product Replacement Warranty. If for any reason your customers damage one or more, we replace them FREE, your customers will pay only the shipping. 

2. ProFormula Nano Ceramic Coating

Our ProFormula Nano Ceramic Coating – protects all types of rims from scratches and makes cleaning road grime, tar, oil and other corrosive fluids like road salt a very easy task. Our formula contains the highest quality Nano-Ceramic Particles available anywhere in the world. Application is super-simple and when applied as directed, your customers will enjoy several years of protection.

3. 3D Rubber Letter and Logo kits

These kits are DIY and simple to apply, come with a great warranty –  Guaranteed for the Life of Your Tires. What’s the most fun way for your customers to break their vehicles out of the crowd? Customized tire lettering!

Our large selection of kits contain the best quality 3D Rubber Letters & Logos kit on the market. And they’re so DIY-friendly. The kit includes our exclusive ProFormula Perma-Bond Rubber Glue (with advanced adhesive properties) that will permanently bond the letters and logos to your customer’s tires. In fact, our promise: Guaranteed for the Life of Your Tires. 

If your customer damages the letters and needs fresh ones, no problem – we’ve got your back! We’ll send them replacements, they pay shipping only.

4. OBDII Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics System

INTRODUCING the world’s most advanced vehicle diagnostics system with track-and-trace services.
Compatible with iOS and Android phones, SmartStick is the result after three years of research and development,
currently used by thousands of mechanics, dealerships, professional drivers and now… families and small businesses, too!

SmartStick works entirely in the background and monitors all your family (or small business) vehicles in real-time!SmartStick is a professional diagnostics code reader that also provides repair recommendations for any fault code that may occur on any given trip.

But here’s what makes SmartStick so unique…

  • Simple, seamless integration: No need to open the App, just plug, play and leave (see SmartStick manual in resources) • Find My Vehicle feature: Never lose your vehicle again!
  • Auto monitoring: Full health scans performed on every trip
  • Onboard storage: Never misses a trip, even when bluetooth is off
  • Family or small business monitoring: Access information about every vehicle (including location) • Battery Scan: Monitors battery health in real-time

SmartStick has it’s own internal storage ensuring you can record vehicle expenses, view trip details, classify trips as business or personal use, and generates comprehensive usage and expense reports for any period.

Let’s connect. We’ll provide you with info about becoming a dealer or distributor or any other topic that will help you quickly decide whether or not you want to offer Rim Protector products to your customers.

Why deal with us?

We’ve dealt with small companies (with single brick-and-mortar locations) to large companies including Walmart and Costco US, AutoZone and many others over the years.

More advantages to dealing with us…

  • HIGHEST MARGINS: We offer higher margins over all other similar products currently available on the market

  • BEST WARRANTY: Our 5-Year FREE Product Replacement Warranties (Rim Protectors, Tire Lettering Kits) are the only ones of their kind on the market

  • TRAINING: We provide online sales and installation training

  • MARKETING ASSISTANCE: We provide you with marketing and retail sales materials

  • DIGITAL ASSETS: We provide you with digital assets for your website and social pages

  • EXCELLENT LIVE SUPPORT: Toll free 800 support should you or your customers have any query

We’re not the new kids on the block, either. In addition to rim protectors, ProFormula Nano Ceramic coating for all types of rims, and 3D Rubber Lettering and Logo kits, we’ve manufactured Award-winning products like heated wiper blades, electronic rust protection systems, in-car misting fans, the OBD-XR code reader system (with its own dealer platform)

In 2020 and beyond, we look forward to dealing with you. To us, size doesn’t matter. But Customer Service is always top priority!

KORE Designs Inc. 2020

  • Rim Protector by Kore Designs Inc.

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