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Published on: Restyling & Car Care

NEX: Premium Nano-Ceramic Window Films with Graphene Cooling Technology

The Film of the Future

Our series of premium nano-ceramic window films, NEX provides crystal clarity as well as top-notch UV and glare reduction. Its fourth-generation design features advanced graphene cooling technology, resulting in exceptional heat rejection performance. Thanks to its lack of metal layers, NEX also never interferes with radio and satellite signals, guaranteeing full connectivity for all your devices.


What’s inside?

Nanoparticles of antimony tin oxide (ATO), tungsten, and carbon are dispersed throughout NEX’s proprietary structure. These materials are top-notch infrared absorbers, which effectively prevent heat from reaching the window’s interior. NEX also contains graphene—an incredibly strong carbon isotope with a hexagonal structure—which dramatically accelerates the rate of heat dissipation.


What is graphene?

Graphene is composed of a single, ultra-dense layer of carbon atoms bonded in a honeycomb-shaped formation. It is the strongest, lightest, and thinnest material in existence, with superb flexibility and durability. Due to its outstanding thermal conductivity—which is over ten times higher than both aluminum and copper—graphene forces heat to quickly dissipate to the film’s exterior, allowing the nanoparticles within NEX to absorb the infrared rays as efficiently as possible.


Why reduce heat?

Without adequate protection, the inside of your car can reach uncomfortable and even dangerous temperatures, which can prove hazardous to children and other vulnerable passengers. Heat is also a massive contributor to daily wear and tear—in high-temperature environments, the moisture content of bird droppings, tree sap, and other contaminants quickly evaporates, causing the leftover debris to melt into the material itself. Stubborn and unsightly, the resulting marks often indicate permanent, irreversible damage. With graphene embedded in its structure, however, NEX steadily regulates heat levels and keeps windows cool, significantly reducing the level and intensity of deterioration.


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Meet NEX: our series of cutting-edge window films featuring graphene cooling technology and superior heat rejection. With zero metal layers within its nano-ceramic structure, NEX never interferes with radio or satellite signals, maintaining full connectivity for all your devices. Crystal-clear and tinted for privacy protection, NEX also eliminates eye strain by reducing up to 92% of sun glare. With NEX, enjoy the coolest, distraction-free drive—and focus on whatever comes next.

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