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Our patented HOZEEZ product allows you to wash the car without the hose getting stuck under the tires.  It is also used in shops to keep air hoses and extension cords from getting stuck under the tires while working on the car.  It has become a favorite of mobile detailers who are constantly dragging pressure washer hoses around vehicles.  

Our Merchandising Display with point of sale advertising that sits on retail counters or shelves to display the HOZEEZ product.  We ship the retail display box free of charge with bulk orders to dealers and distributors. 

We have videos of both of these items in the New Products Showcase and in our SEMA 360 showcase playlist.  Be sure not to miss the HOZEEZ durability video in our SEMA 360 showcase.  We actually drive a five thousand pound SUV over the HOZEEZ to show what happens if you forget to pick it up when done washing the car (spoiler alert – it’s still as good as new!). 

  • Bishop Innovations - HOZEEZ

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