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Published on: Hot Rods

Blud Lubricants Offering Special SEMA Pricing November 2-5

Blud Lubricants (“Blud”) is featuring its advanced technology lubricant lineup at the SEMA360 show on November 2nd-5th. The product offerings are designed for professional level racing and includes suspension fluids, auto and moto engine oils, gear oils, differential fluid, chain lube, 2 stroke pre-mix, automatic transmission fluids, power steering fluid and a variety of cleaning products including: degreasers, detailer, wash/wax and a revolutionary pre-race spray (easing the cleanup of mud and dirt during race day).

Blud will also highlight its racer support program as a way to obtain professional racing lubricants at a substantial discount.

To show appreciation for the SEMA visitors Blud is offering 25% of most of its product line during the month of November 2020. To access the discount visitors must use promo code SEMA360 when checking out of Blud’s online store.

Blud Lubricants LLC, PO Box 27048, Scottsdale, AZ 85262 – www.bludlubricants.com

For additional information please contact Jeff Green – 833-258-3123 – jeff@bludlubricants.com

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